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REI Union Unionize Your Facility Header.jpg

Start a union at Your 
Distribution Center

As a worker at an REI distribution center, you play an integral role in keeping company operations afloat and ensuring each store has the gear it needs. Your work is demanding, and you deserve to feel secure in your job every single day.


Having a union gives you important job protections written into a contract and a seat at the table to voice your concerns. With a union at your warehouse, you can negotiate fair staffing levels, predictable schedules, and the working conditions you need to thrive. This ensures you’re not spread too thin or forced to work shifts that don’t meet your needs.

If you’re interested in connecting with an organizer to share your experience at your distribution center, fill out the form below! We’re happy to chat with you and learn more about the issues you’re facing at your warehouse. We’ll reach out to set up an initial conversation about your job and what it could look like to have a union.

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