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REI Union's 10 Essentials for a Better Co-op

When we’re out in the backcountry, we carry the 10 essentials with us at all times, so that no matter what lies ahead, we know how to keep ourselves safe and protected.

As REI workers, we’re negotiating a union contract to do the same for our careers and our personal lives. To secure a strong future at REI, no matter the weather,
we envision a Co-op with:



Predictable scheduling so we can chart our work and personal lives and enjoy a healthy balance.



Guaranteed minimum hours and a living wage that reflects our expertise.

rei-essential-icon-repair kit.png

Repair Kit

Real commitment to REDI inside stores and in our communities. We know there are structural inequalities in this world, and we want REI to be a place where we can work to repair those.


Guaranteed minimum hours and a living wage that reflects our expertise.


Safe working conditions that let us do our best work and foster a compelling in-store experience.



Job security that protects us when we’d otherwise be exposed.

rei-essential-icon-first aid.png

First Aid

Sick pay and healthcare systems that help us tend to our wellbeing.



Vacation time and leave policy that lets us nourish our lives and embark on outdoor adventures.

rei-essential-icon-sun protection.png

Sun Protection

Retirement plans, parental leave, and bereavement pay to protect us from life’s harmful elements and establish longevity in our roles at REI.



Secure minimum staffing levels. Sometimes cutting weight is dangerous - you need 3 liters of water per day no matter what, and we need multiple employees in each department no matter the season.

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We see a better Way Forward at REI, and we know that We Go Further Together. We’re calling on REI to embrace our vision and negotiate with our union stores in good faith.

Every store that joins our movement makes our path a little brighter — reach out to us and we'll help you get started unionizing your REI too!

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