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Together,  we can build the REI we believe in.

In case you missed it, we recently hosted our first-ever National REI Union Webinar, and what a memorable night it was! We are so inspired by how many of our fellow green vests signed on, joined our conversation, and asked important questions about this movement and our vision for a stronger Co-op. 

During our webinar, we covered key topics such as what the organizing process looks like, what to expect once you kick off your union campaign, and how we’ve already made improvements in our eight union stores.

Weren’t able to attend? No problem. We recorded our entire conversation so every REI worker can hear more about the difference that starting a union has and can make at our Co-op. This panel of our REI Union siblings are the ultimate resource when it comes to organizing your store, so check out the recording below to learn more about their experiences and advice. 

This webinar marks the beginning of a brand new era for our REI Union. The overwhelming support we've received has only further ignited our determination to seize the momentum we've created. Together, we can amplify our union voice nationwide, organize even more of our stores, and ensure that REI hears our demands for a stronger, more equitable Co-op. 


If you watched our webinar and are ready to connect with your union coworkers and organizers, fill the form below to learn about your next steps!

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