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During REI's 2024 Anniversary Sale

REI isn’t the progressive Co-op you think they are - they’re an anti-union employer that goes to great lengths to fight against a growing union movement.

As REI kicks off their 2024 Anniversary Sale, we think it’s important for all REI shoppers to know just how much time, energy, and money REI devotes to union busting. REI workers have been organizing for a better future at the Co-op since 2022, but the company’s response to unionization has been callous, undemocratic, and out-of-line with their values as a progressive employer. 


Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about REI’s continued pattern of anti-union behavior. It’s an extensive list, as they’ve been union busting for years and illegally avoiding their obligation to negotiate a fair deal. 


Enough is enough. It’s time for REI to STOP union busting and come to the bargaining table. Add your name to our petition below to show your support for REI workers and call on Co-op leadership to stop fighting against our union movement. 


The more members and shoppers we have standing behind our demands for fair negotiations, the more power we have to hold REI to its values during this year’s Anniversary Sale. 

REI’s Union Busting Explained

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A recent HuffPost investigation shows that workers at REI Austin have endured gross sexual harassment while organizing their store. Then, when they've spoken out against this behavior, they've faced intimidation, retaliation, and unfair termination from their management.


Workers should NEVER have to deal with this kind of backlash after standing up for each other and demanding they be treated with dignity - but this is the reality at REI. We face union busting nearly every day, despite our Co-op’s claims that they start from a place of respect.

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