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Adopt a Store

We’ve received countless messages from Co-op members and supporters around the country, asking how to help REI workers fighting for a first contract. Since so many of you are frustrated by REI’s failure to negotiate and want to show your support for our movement - we’re launching an awesome new way for all of you to support the REI Union in your communities.


Introducing: Our Adopt a Store program! By filling out the form below , you’ll be able to get plugged into the REI Union movement at a grassroots level and be the first to know about upcoming actions near you.  


What does “Adopting a Store” look like? Well, you can share your information and let us know that you’re interested in participating in future actions at the REI store closest to you. Together, we’re planting the seeds for growing a deep network of Co-op members and customers who are ready to support REI workers in-person - whenever the need arises.

We’re excited to get this program off the ground because it’ll be an excellent way for us to grow community and start planning some memorable actions together. Please share your information below, and we look forward to keeping you in the loop about what’s next! 

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