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Our movement would not be possible without our members so first off, thank you for stopping by and showing your support!


Below you'll find the latest events and actions you can take as well as our social media pages and more information on how to get all the updates you're looking for.

Tell REI: Bring Back Co-op Values and Bring Back Our Coworkers!


On October 12th, REI laid off 275 of our most experienced and dedicated coworkers as part of their “restructuring” plan. Our fellow leads poured their hearts and souls into our Co-op before they were let go, serving as knowledgeable resources for customers looking to prepare for their next outdoor adventure. 


These callous layoffs are a betrayal of REI’s stated values: “inspiring, educating, and outfitting our communities for a lifetime of outdoor adventure.” The level of knowledge and expertise required to work at REI is not expendable, and we are disheartened that our Co-op would stoop so low as to lay off 275 full-time lead workers and instead hire 1,300 seasonal workers.

Please sign our petition and demand that REI reinstate our coworkers and stop abandoning the values that define our Co-op. By signing our petition, you are demonstrating your solidarity and support as a Co-op member for the full reinstatement of all the leads who were let go on October 12th.

As green vests who love what we do, we believe that REI is moving in the wrong direction by following in the footsteps of other large retailers. Our sales leads dedicated their careers to REI and to outfitting you, the Co-op’s members. They went the extra mile to help you find the gear you need to stay safe on your next hike, bike trip, or river adventure, and the Co-op repaid them by kicking them to the curb.


REI prides itself on the benefits it provides to its full-time employees, including healthcare, sick pay, vacation time, and holiday pay. Seasonal hires won’t receive these benefits, which means the company is replacing strong, full-time jobs with weaker, expendable positions. 


We risk losing sight of everything that makes our Co-op special if we let REI move forward with this restructuring, so we’re demanding that REI reinstate our beloved coworkers and leads. We refuse to stand by and let this company turn its back on the values that brought us all together as outdoor enthusiasts. 


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REI listens to their customers and co-op members — sign our Solidarity Pledge and show you stand with our movement!

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