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REI isn’t the progressive company you think they are - they’re an anti-union employer that goes to great lengths to fight against a growing union movement.

REI is opening a new store here in Ithaca, and we think it’s important for all REI shoppers to know just how much time, energy, and money REI devotes to union busting before heading into the store this summer. REI workers have been organizing for a better future at the Co-op since 2022, but the company’s response to unionization has been callous, undemocratic, and out-of-line with their values as a progressive employer. 

If you’re disappointed by REI’s track record of anti-worker and anti-union behavior, help us stand up for REI workers here in Ithaca! We know that you care about fair treatment for hardworking people, and we have an easy way for you to lend your voice as this new store opens.

Fill out the form below to “Adopt” REI’s new Ithaca location! By signing up, you’ll pledge your support for REI workers at this new store, and we’ll keep you in the loop about upcoming actions here in town. The more community members we have standing behind workers at REI Ithaca, the more power we have to ensure that this store is run with integrity and transparency!


REI’s Union Busting Explained

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about REI’s continued pattern of anti-union behavior. It’s an exhaustive list, as they’ve been union busting for years and avoiding their obligation to negotiate a fair deal.

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REI Fires Manager for Not Union Busting Quickly Enough HuffPost Hero Image.jpeg

REI’s aggressive union busting recently reached a new low - we learned earlier this month that they fired a manager for failing to report union activity and “escalate the situation to the appropriate leaders in a timely manner.” 


This firing makes it clear that REI doesn’t respect workers’ freedom to decide whether union representation is right for them. Instead, they’re dragging managers into the conflict, forcing them to choose between ratting out pro-union workers and keeping their jobs. 

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