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REI Lays Off Hundreds in Unilateral Restructuring Initiative

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On October 12, REI enacted a company-wide restructuring initiative that laid off 275 leads – some of our most experienced and dedicated workers across the Co-op. Additionally, we’ve learned that the company is:

●      Capping full-time status to 30% of store employees

●      Creating part-time classifications based on average weekly hours

●      Hiring 1300 seasonal workers in the next few months

●      Eliminating key holders at all stores

These ill-conceived changes will significantly impact our working conditions, wages, and relationships with management, which is why unionizing our Co-op has never been more important. REI’s actions serve as a crucial reminder about how, through organizing our stores, we can ensure we have a say in decisions that affect our working conditions. REI Union stores have the legal right to negotiate with the company over any changes to working conditions.

Regardless of union status, REI should be accountable at ALL the stores that faced these callous layoffs. All green vests deserve respect for the value we bring to the company.

If your position was eliminated or you’re worried about how REI’s changes will impact things at your store, we’re here for you. We’re committed to helping you find the resources you need to navigate these difficult times.

Together, we can demand REI live up to its Co-op values and bring back our coworkers. You are not replaceable. Fill out the form below to tell your story and connect with fellow green vests who are organizing to change the Co-op for the better. Together, we have the power to hold REI accountable, protect our integrity as loyal workers, and demand reinstatement. 

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